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NEW Lifree Rehabilitation Pants
Outer diaper Underwear type
5 urinations
Product can be deducted as a medical expense | Patented technology
“One step to the bathroon is a step forward in rehabilitation.” We support care receivers who strive to make things better. They glide on, fit just right, and give you peace of mind about leaks. Ideal for incontinence rehabilitation

People who can stand

People who can sit
Size S size M size L size XL size
Waist size 50-70 cm 60-85 cm 75-105 cm 90-125 cm
Guideline* for number of absorptions 5 urinations 5 urinations 5 urinations 5 urinations
Amount included 18 pairs / 26 pcs. 16 pairs / 24 pcs. 14 pairs / 22 pcs.  12 pairs / 18 pcs.
Suggested retail price Open price Open price Open price Open price
*If there is 150 ml of urine for one urination (Unicharm measurement method)

Product Features

For those who can stand or sit with assistance.
Suitable disposable diapers that can be raised and lowered with minimal effort, making it ideal for incontinence rehabilitation.

Watch video to understand the features

Features Features

Patented technology: Easy stitch (*1) that is easy to tear by yourself   

*1: In the side sealing structure, the strength that is needed to separate the connecting area is weaker in the vertical direction of the product than in the horizontal direction

Patented technology: Easy stitch that is easy to tear by yourself Patented technology: Easy stitch that is easy to tear by yourself

Prevents unexpected urinations from leaking

Patented technology* The gathers fit the back and around the legs just right, and the soft fit around the legs reduces leaks from gaps.

The super long absorbent core covers your stomach and hip area

*Disposable underwear type that has a holding area that restricts the height in the groin area of the gathers around the legs on the inside

It was easy to change the pads!

Patented technology*

With full pad gathers, the area between the gathers is wider, and it’s easy to change the pads.

*Underwear-type diaper that has a tucked area that keeps the pad from slipping in the groin area of the gathers around the legs on the inside

They glide on

Features Features

Patented technology: The gliding zone doesn't get caught on the bottom and prevents the waist band from getting rolled up.

The soft stretch zone stretches to twice its length with weak force     

The firm fit zone prevents slipping

Legs go in smoothly!

Patented technology: Toes don't get caught on the clean shape.

Feels like wearing underwear

Soft material that is gentle on the skin

The full ventilation sheet prevents dampness so you stay dry

Contains silver for triple odor eliminating power*

*Has the effect of eliminating ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine odors.

Structure that blocks back leaks

Space that blocks urine and light stool leaks prevents leaks from the back

How to use it

How to put on

Make sure that the side that has the tape that is used for disposal is on the back side.

How to take off

Take it off as-is, or tear both sides and then remove it.

If stools are inside, hold the groin area with one hand so the stools don’t spill out, and then remove it.

Roll up the diaper, peel the tape on the back that is used for disposal, wrap it firmly around the rolled diaper, and throw it away.
*When you put on/take off the diaper, make sure that your skin doesn’t come in contact with the tape that is used for disposal.


*If you are paralyzed, put your paralyzed leg(s) through the diaper’s leg opening(s) first.

*It may be difficult for the elderly to reach the back area with their hands. To caregivers: Make sure to check that the diaper has been properly pulled all the way up the back side and to the waist.

Watch video on how to use

In the video, a professional explains the correct way to use them!

Reviews from users

Here are some (online) reviews.

There are 3 (online) reviews.

Submitted by:Woman in her 50s

Easy to put on and take off

My sister can easily put it on and take it off my.

Review date: Apr. 12, 2018

Submitted by:Woman in her 40s

Better than products from other private brands

From my family's perspective, we thought it was better than products from other private brand. It absorbs a lot of urine!

Review date: May. 21, 2018

Submitted by:Woman in her 50s

A new sense of relief

My care receiver has a new sense of relief. Sometimes he may not be able to get to the toilet in time at night in the cold winter, but he said that he doesn't have to go because of this diaper.

Review date: Mar. 15, 2018

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