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Lifree Easy Body Wipes
Care products Body wipes
Thoroughly wipes with a single sheet even when you can't take a bath.
*Cannot be flushed down the toilet
Size 40cm x 30cm
Amount included 30 sheets
Suggested retail price Open price

Product Features

Thoroughly wipes your entire body with a single sheet!

Extra large size body wipe.

Features Features

Extra large size

When you can't take a bath, you can wipe your hip area with just one sheet.

Soft and gentle to the skin

The material the wipes are made of is soft and gentle to the touch.

Natural botanical ingredients that moisturize the skin.

Contains phellodendron bark extract and loquat leaf extract.

Take it out fast with no stress! Easy Seal®

The seal will stay still if you open it all the way to where it aligns with the line!

*Cannot be flushed down the toilet.

Contains no alcohol, fragrance, and paraben

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