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Lifree Underwear Sensation - Super Thin Pants (2 urinations)
Outer diaper Underwear type
2 urinations
Product can be deducted as a medical expense | Patented technology
The ventilation sheet is dry and doesn’t lock in moisture, so it prevents dampness and you always stay dry.
It’s a disposable diaper that is exactly like underwear, and even first-time users can use it with peace of mind.

People who can go out by themselves
Size M size L size
Waist size 60-85 cm 75-105 cm
Guideline* for number of absorptions 2 urinations 2 urinations
Amount included 2 pcs. / 9 pcs. / 24 pcs. / 34 pcs. 2 pcs. / 9 pcs. / 22 pcs. / 32 pcs.
Suggested retail price Open price Open price
*Setting 150 ml of urine as one urination (Unicharm measurement method)

Product Features

3 things make it light and comfortable to wear!

It’s a disposable diaper that feels like underwear, and even first-time users can use it with peace of mind.


Features Features

Super thin fit design

・Half the thinness around the waist and with a design that fits slimly to the inseam, it is comfortable* like underwear

・Absorbs 2 urinations firmly, for peace of mind in case of an emergency.

*Compared to other Unicharm products. Regarding the thickness around the waist.

Dry ventilation sheet

It doesn’t lock in moisture, so it prevents dampness and you always stay dry.

Soft material like a cushion

The material is soft on the skin and feels good like underwear on the skin.

Contains silver, which is a powerful odor eliminator

The triple effect* eliminates annoying urine odors.

*Has the effect of eliminating ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine odors.

How to use it

How to put it on

Make sure the side with the color band on the lower back is on the back side, and then put it on.

How to take it off

Take it off as-is, or tear off the area where both sides come together and then remove it.

How to dispose of it

Do not flush disposable pants diaper down the toilet. Bring disposable diapers that you used when you were out back home with you. Roll them up so that the dirty part is inside, and dispose of them in a way that is sanitary.


*Change dirty diapers quickly.

*Make sure to store it in a location where people won’t accidentally put it in their mouths and it won’t get stuck in someone’s throat. After use, throw it away quickly.

Reviews from users

Here are some (online) reviews.

There are 3 (online) reviews.

Submitted by:Woman in her 60s

It absorbed thoroughly and gave me peace of mind

When I felt like a lot had come out and there might be a leak from the side, it had thoroughly absorbed in the center, so I felt peace of mind.

Submitted by:Woman in her 70s

It’s thin and feels good to wear

It's thin and also feels good to wear. I was able to put it on like my usual underwear. It helped me a lot, and I want to use it in the future as well.

Submitted by:Man in his 80s

Thin and compact

These are lighter and more compact than the diapers I am always using. It's very thin and wasn’t awkward to use. Even if there was a lot of urine (many times), my clothes never got wet.

Can also use with an inner diaper

If you use the outer diaper and the inner diaper (pad) together, it is convenient to change them, and you can have more peace of mind.

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