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Lifree Side leak Prevention Tape-on
Outer diaper Tape type
4 urinations
Product can be deducted as a medical expense
Tape closing that firmly fits around the groin area and prevents side leaks.

People who spend a lot of time lying down or sleeping
Size S size M size L size LL size
Hip size 56-90 cm 67~106 cm 81~128 cm
81~141 cm
Guideline* for number of absorptions 4 urinations 4 urinations 4 urinations 4 urinations
Amount included 22 pcs. 20 pcs. 17 pcs. 15 pcs.
Suggested retail price Open price Open price Open price Open price
● Please choose the size that suits your body based on your hip size. If it is too big or too tight, it may cause leakage.

*If there is 150 ml of urine for one urination (Unicharm measurement method)

Product Features

The side and back leak prevention feature stops urine and thoroughly guards against leaks.

Features Features

New and improved design to block loose stool

Double the space*¹ to hold stool!

Patented technology 1*²

Pocket to catch loose stool

Patented technology 2*³

Firmly contoured gathers

Prevents the collapse of the gathers and guards against side leaks.

*1 Compared to our previous products

*2 The base of the contoured gathers is outside the absorbent area, and it is configured so that the folds do not overlap with the waist elastic on the back side.

*3 The fixed length of the outer gathers is longer than the fixed length of the inner gathers and more than half the length of the flaps.

Side leak triple layer®3D gather

Features Features

It fits the groin area just right and prevents side leaks.

Secures the urine pad in place.

Back leak pocket

Stop urine and stool.

Back leak gather

Fits just right no the back and prevents back leaks.

Non-slip absorbent core

The block shape fits just right without shifting and prevents slipping.

"Full ventilation sheet"

There is no dampness, so your skin is always dry.

Contains odor eliminating polymers*

Contains odor eliminating polymers* that lock in odors.

*Has the effect of eliminating ammonia odors.

Easy replacement tape

Easy to change with a big tape.

Center line shows you the center

Features Features

It’s easy to line it up with the center of the body.

How to use it

How to attach it

With the person lying on their side, lay out the diaper with the edges folded so that the tape doesn’t touch the skin, and so that the center of the diaper will go up the back.

If using with urine pads (for men)

With the person lying back on top of the diaper, apply the urine pad.

If using with urine pads (for women)

Place the urine pad so that it fits within the 3D gathers, and have the person lie back on top of the diaper

Adjust the position of the body so that the body is in the center of the diaper, and pull up the diaper so that there are no gaps between the legs and the leg openings.

Fasten the tape so that the lower tape is horizontal or tilted slightly upward, and the upper tape is tilted slightly downward

Make sure the gathers around the groin area are facing outwards.


*When you cover the body with the tape fasteners, use the left and right fingers to pull up the 3D gathers in the center, and apply them along the thighs.

*Pull the lower tape fastener up diagonally and fasten it so that the leg openings are thoroughly fastened. Next, pull the tape down diagonally so that it fits the waist. At that time, if you only fasten one side, it may cause leaks, so always start with the lower tape. Fasten the lower tape on the left and right first, and then fasten the upper tape.

Watch video on how to use

In the video, a professional explains the correct way to use them!

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