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Lifree Peace of Mind Futon Sheets
Water absorption sheet Care products
3 urinations
Disposable absorption sheets that prevents stains on futon sheets even in cases of emergency.
Size Width 90 cm x Length 60 cm
Guideline* for number of absorptions 3 urinations
Amount included 16 sheets
Suggested retail price Open price
*If there is 150 ml of urine for one urination (Unicharm measurement method)

Product Features

Covers a bed with one single piece and absorbs leaks

Features Features

Dimensions: 90×60 cm

A single sheet is big enough to cover a futon from end to end (90 x 60 cm).

Able to absorb three urine discharges

Absorbs about 3 urinations to handle a large leak.


The wipes are disposable, saving you the hassle from having to wash them after use.

How to use it

Fold the long side in half so the absorbent surface faces inwards.

Turn the care receiver's body to the side.

Place the sheet, folded in half, on the care receiver's back. Place the sheet so that the care receiver's hips are in the center of the sheet (leakage areas are different for everyone. Please place the sheet accordingly).

Turn the care receiver's body to the other side and pull out the sheet on the back side and unfold it (unfold the sheet so that the absorbent surface faces up).

Adjust the sheet so that it's centered on the width of the bed (in a regular nursing bed, the sheet should reach from one end of the bed to the other).

Convenient usage

To avoid soiling the bedding, this wipe may also be used when the care receiver needs to take a foot bath.


*May tear when pulled with too much force.

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