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Lifree Easy to walk in Slim Diapers (4 urinations)
Outer diaper Underwear type
4 urinations
Product can be deducted as a medical expense | Patented technology
This disposable diaper has the function of helping the elderly to walk freely.

People who can walk by themselves

People who can walk if assisted
Size M size L size
Waist size 65-85 cm 80-100 cm
Guideline* for number of absorptions 4 urinations 4 urinations
Amount included 18 pcs. 16 pcs.
Suggested retail price Open price Open price
*If there is 150 ml of urine for one urination (Unicharm measurement method)

Product Features

3 patented technologies that makes walking easier!
This is the first disposable diaper that lightens the load on the legs.

 Features  Features

Patented technology that is the first(*1) in the world: Pelvic support fit that lightens the load on the legs® (*1)

Supports the lower back area and makes it easier to move the legs.

*1: Compared to major global brands of adult disposable diapers, Mar. 2019.

On the front side, it curves into a convex shape in the groin area. On the back side, the structure contains contracting film that curves into a convex shape at the edge of the waist. Research by Unicharm

Patented technology: Flexible stretching in the groin area for taking longer steps (*2)

The shape of the absorbent core adapts to match how your legs move, so it’s easy for your legs to move forward evenly.

*This is a function of the entire product

*2: The absorbent core has a structure with an area with a low fiber count that is located in a diagonal direction from the absorbent core, and the area with the low fiber count overlaps with the area that expands and contracts.

Patented technology: Flexible slim outer diaper that is easy to put on (*3)

Flexible material adapts to the body and makes it easy to move.

*3: The waist structure contains both non-woven fabric that doesn't expand and contract with non-woven fabric that does expand and contract, and these are joined by ultrasonic bonding

It’s designed to fit softly around the stomach.

Contains silver for triple odor eliminating power (*4)

*4: Has the effect of eliminating ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine odors.

How to use it

How to use it

Reviews from users

Here are some (online) reviews.

There are 3 (online) reviews.

Submitted by:Woman in her 40s

It was easy to put on the other person!

It stretches and fits just right around the stomach without being too tight or squeezing too much, so I didn't have to worry about leaks from the back even when lying down. The stomach gathers also stretch well, so it's easy to put on another person!

Submitted by:Woman in her 30s

The person who I am caring for feels good using it

The material is soft and the thickness is the same as underwear, so the person who I am caring for feels good about using it.

Submitted by:Woman in her 50s

I feel like I can walk easier

It feels like my lower back is supported (feels like it fits just right) and it feels good to wear, so I feel like I can walk easier.

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